Swift De-Escalation and Prevention Training for the Education Industry

Crisis Prevention Institute’s training is perfect for educators intervening in crisis situations: schools are seeing 30-39% decreases in disruptive behavior.


Who Works with Us

The school districts we assist.

What We Do

Training that works to de-escalate and prevent crises in school
districts around the nation.

Nonviolent Crisis

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (NCI) provides special education and general staff with the framework to respond tactfully in moments of crisis to minimize harm to students.

Intervention ™ Training

Ideal for facilities and roles with hands-off policies, Verbal Intervention (VI) trains staff to respond to crisis situations with a focus on de-escalation techniques and safe, non-restrictive interventions.

Classroom Culture Training

Classroom Culture Training is for school leaders and education professionals interested in fostering a positive culture within each classroom. This training provides practical techniques to implement consistent and sustainable standards that prevent, or mitigate, the need for de-escalation interventions.

Important Statistics

Our training is critical for your classrooms and district. Here’s the proof.

Hiawatha Valley Education District in Minnesota reduced disruptive behaviors by 32%

Illinois Public Schools has created a safer environment for its staff and students.

“I think teaching the art of communication and “diffusing” the situation is invaluable. CPI has a great foundation for helping people understand how to diffuse situations."

Staff member of Illinois Public Schools

The Benefits of Working with CPI


No Recertificatiaon Needed

Recurring renewal costs are eliminated, as Classroom Culture training grants you a lifetime certification. This makes it the most cost-effective training solution for you in the industry.


Five Core Principles

Classroom Culture stands on five core principles: calm and consistent, sustainable routines, first attention to best conduct, scripted interventions, and restorative approaches.